All new construction sites need a sign stating what's being built.

2022.01.17 21:50 SimplyDaveP All new construction sites need a sign stating what's being built.

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2022.01.17 21:50 gardnertravis Making BattleTech The Animated Series | with Producer Kurt Weldon

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2022.01.17 21:50 St_Sudo Bluetooth Headphones with Quest 2

I discovered this accidentally.
I thought I HAD to use either the cellphone jack or USB-C plug for headphones, but using the Bluetooth pairing function in experimental features allowed me to pair my Razer True Wireless Pro earbuds. They have a gaming mode for super low latency and its fantastic.
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2022.01.17 21:50 ddbllwyn Would anyone want Reneigh?

Reneigh is in her boxes and ready to go!
I’m looking for any offers in bells or NMT!
View Poll
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2022.01.17 21:50 ryhaltswhiskey If you are new to this hobby consider becoming a patron of GordoTek, here's his link. There are free and high quality videos there.

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2022.01.17 21:50 gamerbudgieonreddit I can quit porn, i wish my friend (female) talked to me

Do you guys have anything that I can talk to her with
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2022.01.17 21:50 icedcoffeewoodbat Day Off Woes

It’s my first day off in a hot minute and I just said “behind” to my dog and then got frustrated when she didn’t get out of my way. I’m not even inebriated yet 😂
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2022.01.17 21:50 I_Like_Shinies HELP

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2022.01.17 21:50 Kitchen-Menu-3064 Drinking and collecting with my girl 🇪🇸✈️🌏🌍🌎 ( wickrme : laerre777 )

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2022.01.17 21:50 6th- This nigga gotta be diagnosed with something 🤣🤣🤣

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2022.01.17 21:50 Moonman0922 New Armory Crate doesn't automatically change GPU's

After the most recent Armory Crate update, the MS Hybrid mode doesn't automatically shut off the Dedicated Graphics like it did before. I had it so that when AC power was unplugged, the Nvidia GPU was disabled. Any suggestions?
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2022.01.17 21:50 Advanced-Grab2297 Remove Text from this asus wallpaper

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2022.01.17 21:50 Dmanthelucky How come my eyesight is complete shit (400/20) but the rest of my family has perfect (20/20)?

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2022.01.17 21:50 Sensitive_Fun2923 Avoiding massage

Soooooooo got a massage today, which was fantastic. The poor lady had to dig her elbows into trigger points for an hour out of the 90 minutes, things were just SO stiff. I swear, I feel like my shoulders are 4" lower than before the massage.
Here's the thing: I cant afford to keep going back regularly. I do so many self care things to stay functioning: gentle yoga, acupressure mat, stretching, foam rolling, hot baths with Epsom, heating blankets, great mattress. What do you do that works at keeping yourself functioning? Are the theraguns worth it? I just can't live like this, it was SO BAD.
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2022.01.17 21:50 crytoloover 🔥HOT upcoming IDO, three new projects today

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2022.01.17 21:50 Beautiful_Chaos92 Need Skillet Recommendations

So I'm completely self-taught in the kitchen and was raised in a family where only the men cooked so was never really taught anything regarding equipment. I have a nice pot and pan set but have held onto this random 2.5 qt saute pan and honestly use it as my go-to for most things as it seems to hold more. Most recipes I use call for a "large skillet" and in the images they have always seem to have 6+ large chicken breasts plus sauce, etc..meanwhile I'm having to do everything in 2 batches since I never seem to have enough room to do half of what they're doing in my saute pan. What recommendations for a good "large" skillet do you all have cause my saute pan clearly isn't cutting it!
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2022.01.17 21:50 Davidee88 Norm MacDonald Mention (Near Beginning) in Insanely Long Video About Custer's Revenge -- an Atari 2600 game where a civil war hero has sex with a tied up Native American woman.

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2022.01.17 21:50 lupton41 Chicken lollipops are a hit!

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2022.01.17 21:50 Ermacool Metroidvania level design discussion: A discussion of a specific aspect of the Symphony of The Night level design (familiar location)

Symphony of the Night is a lot of fun, and after so long time without playing it, it's still great! But a peculiar choice of level design left me confused as to why a developer would do something like this.
To find the Sword familiar, you need to hit a high ceiling of a (seemingly ordinary) hallway in Olrox's Quarters. Which begs the question: there is no indication that there could be a breakable ceiling in the hallway (crack, color or stain).
The first time I played it, I only found out that there was a familiar missing after completing the game, via an internet search. And although I now knew there was this familiar in the game, I couldn't remember where, and I had to search the internet again.
Does the developers expect the player to find a passage through>! the ceiling attacking every ceiling in the game?!< Or is there any other way to find "cryptics" secrets like this, that I don't know about, other than>! hitting all the walls?!<
I know Castlevania is great, I really love the game, it's just a specific level design choice that I found dubious, and it's a sincere doubt I have about other metroidvania games too that do similar things.
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2022.01.17 21:50 Killer_Bean32 What supplies would I need while backpacking?

I am new to backpacking and I need to know what I need to bring. There is obvious stuff like a big backpack, a tent, a sleeping bag, food/water, and cloths. But if there is other stuff that is needed or is generally helpful, I would like to know.
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2022.01.17 21:50 akascrappydoo {NA East} Just looking for people to play with

Add me on disc if you are down to play and chill. Weekends and most week nights is when I am available. Disc is hrosie_#5642 so hmu!
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2022.01.17 21:50 surveycircle_bot Prosocial Marketing

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2022.01.17 21:50 Short-Negotiation-60 I dont know if this is a bug or not but I can't see pets in store expt for the ones on sale

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2022.01.17 21:50 xenojaker I made a stupid thing to amuse myself. Vader Session - Alderaan scene

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2022.01.17 21:50 Acefoundwombat What numbers represent the word Mason?

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