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shyvils.nD Cheating in Competitive Scrims - 5 Stack (Casual MMR) Boosting - Cheat can be found > https://phoenix-hack.org/en/

2022.01.17 21:54 Ivnnn-LS shyvils.nD Cheating in Competitive Scrims - 5 Stack (Casual MMR) Boosting - Cheat can be found > https://phoenix-hack.org/en/

shyvils.nD Cheating in Competitive Scrims - 5 Stack (Casual MMR) Boosting - Cheat can be found > https://phoenix-hack.org/en/ These clips and screenshots come directly form Magi#7161 on discord, He Claims Capture credit.

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2022.01.17 21:54 Loud-Temperature2610 Question for those of you using Patch My PC with Intune

Already using the Intune apps feature and evaluating the Intune updates feature. They explain here https://patchmypc.com/third-party-patch-management-for-microsoft-intune#:~:text=One%20of%20the%20Win32%20applications%20will%20be%20designed%20for%20initial%20deployments.%20The%20update%20version%20of%20the%20Win32%20application%20will%20be%20designed%20only%20to%20be%20required%20when%20an%20outdated%20version%20is%20detected. that Intune apps are for initial deployments, while updates use a requirements script so that an existing version must be installed for it to update.
When considering how limiting and useless the ESP is for app deployments (using 7-Zip as an example) - I must deploy 7-Zip as required to all devices so that it gets installed for Autopilot devices during the ESP. In this case, if using the Patch My PC feature that auto updates base installs, when this happens for the 7-Zip app, won't it be updated for the entire fleet without having to deploy the separate update?
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2022.01.17 21:54 _montserrat_ My babies

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2022.01.17 21:54 gator12 Anyone been to Camp Lemmonier? Advice for a first-timer.

I'm a Reservist looking at potential 400-day orders to go to HOA, and just wondering what I'm getting myself into. Security situation, living conditions, off-base activities, etc.? I've never deployed/mobed, and also wondering about which pays I'd get...BAH, obviously, others?
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2022.01.17 21:54 Tele_Prompter France Gall - Poupée de cire, poupée de son

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2022.01.17 21:54 StockDot is anyone with live who already had disney+ actually getting the credit hulu said you’d get?

I’m on the “ad free” (lol) Hulu Live plan for $75, after I saw other people do it I complained to support because I have the 3 year Disney+ annual sub. So now I’m supposed to get a $5 credit for Disney+ because I already have it but I’m not seeing it reflected anywhere.
Has anyone actually seen the discount reflected? I’ve seen random comments about not seeing the refund but want to know if anyone has actually gotten the refund before I bother Support again.
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2022.01.17 21:54 Negaiumicchan Does anybody know where I could find something like this, but with the Asexual Pride colors? I’ve looked everywhere!

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2022.01.17 21:54 Bonus1Fact Millions of us now are effectively banned from D.C. ¦ Gab Trending

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2022.01.17 21:54 xxraynebowwxx Genesect Raid!!! Can take 10!

Add 9873 1881 6056 or 8216 3673 6124 Starting ASAP!!!
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2022.01.17 21:54 MuchJuice7329 Is there a way to "harden" old pine so that it can be used for more durable flooring? Entire flooring system (joists, ledger board, posts, etc.) needs to be replaced and I'd like to be able to reuse some of the 1x6 pine that I've been pulling up (pictured). More info in comments.

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2022.01.17 21:54 ackb1 Yesterdays engagement sunset shoot at Foothill Nature Preserve!

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2022.01.17 21:54 EmilyNicole25 What’s up with driving in the left turn lane?

I have had at least 4 interactions just this week trying to turn left using the center yellow turn lane when someone comes blazing from the opposite direction using the turn lane as a normal traffic. I have almost been hit waiting to turn left because of this. I only enter the lane when I am approaching my left turn, and never enter before my turn. I’ll watch the car go past multiple streets before they end up turning, so why are they entering so early? Does anyone else feel like they are going crazy? I don’t understand why this has become normal, it makes me scared every time I have to turn left from the center. I just want to see if anyone else has encountered the same thing.
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2022.01.17 21:54 Engineerguy32 What was stronger in combat; Lucrehulks, Providences, or a mix of both?

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2022.01.17 21:54 Naenaebaby3 Anyone wanna trade me babyashe?

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2022.01.17 21:54 DrinkingWater_ Do you log stand up specials?

I'm in two minds as to whether to start logging any stand up I watch or just sticking to films only - curious as to what others do...
View Poll
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2022.01.17 21:54 ContributionOdd3990 Banished Hero: Episode 15 "Cold revenge... times two"

Attention! This episode is a little... harsh. If you are looking for a cute, romantic story, this episode isn't for you. Maybe another will be. Anyway,

Can't move.
Can't hear anything.
Can't breathe...
Keith could feel as he's dying. The whole life flew through his eyes. He stucked into his worst memories.
The rainy night when both of his parents died.
Being accused of murdering them.
The sights of Basitin who saw him as kinslayer.
The whole month on that fucking raft.
Months of looking for the High Templar.
The countless list of battles, the victories that meant nothing because Wolfgard's war machine destroyed kingdoms, one after one.
And we are here. The rebels from Foxia and Tigaern, Maybe the last force which could change the tides of war are buried by thick, cold snow.

When Basitin's eyes closed, something happened.
Someone saved him from death and pulled him from the snow. Keith woke up in the hospital ward. When he woke up, he felt the pain. The frostbite was horrible but Basitin endured the pain. The thing he couldn't bear was that he lost his helmet. That helmet was the only thing he had after his parents. The soldier covered with bandages left the field hospital on his shaking legs. He tried to go to the guards didn't allow him.
"I'm sorry, sir but no one is allowed to enter"
"What're you talking about?! I'm the marshal!"
"It's witch Kathrin's order. No one is allowed to enter under no circumstances"
Hearing that, he turned back to the tavern. It was emptier than usual. He joined the table where were Flora, Mike, and Versika.
"Glad to see our kangaroo isn't dead" Flora tried to make a joke but the mood was horrible,
"Can someone tell me what the fuck happened?!" Keith demanded,
Versika quietly answered, "The avalanche fell on us. Red had a stroke of luck. He ran for the rescue team. That's all we know"
"How're the casualties?"
Mike sighed as he read the report, "Three hundred and fifty-two dead, two thousand and sixty injured. Five hundred and seven in critical condition"
"There's something worse than that" Flora said, "The High Templar is in a coma. Meave too"
The marshal almost fell. He couldn't believe it. He was shaking violently. The tears start showing on his pale face.
And then Red showed up. Everyone asked him what happened. He explained everything.
"It was a controllable avalanche... w-we caused it..."
"Are tell us that was you, humans who tried to kill us?" Versika was shocked,
"We didn't try to kill you! No one knew that you were on the road! We were assured that roads are empty!"
Flora slams the table, "By who?!"
"I-I'm pretty sure that Laura should hear that first-"
"Julianna Goldriver, Laura's older sister"
In the next second, everyone left the tavern with fury. Red tried to calm them down,
"I know you're mad but you can't slaughter her in Humakan. Mayor will throw you out!"
But they didn't listen. The scouts found where Julianna was resting. Keith, Mike, Flora, Versika, and the troops who weren't badly injured march to kill the traitor.
They found the traitor half hour later. Julianna and her wolf guards were in their camp, having the feast and loudly laughing. They have reason to party - they decimated the whole army without moving a single finger. Soldiers surrounded them from all sides, waiting for Basitin's order. Red and Eric tried to convince him to not attack. Red warned that Mayor will be furious if he killed them. Eric didn't want a sequel from his execution. Keith did something that surprise everyone,
"Wait for my order" he went to the wolves and shouted,
"Julianna! Julianna Goldriver!"
The smiles and laughter stopped. The Wolfgard soldiers saw a Basitin who was well known in his reports. His list of deeds was long. The most important are: killing the commander leading the siege of Lyrberg, successful breakout from prison, defending the king of Tigaern. And now, that infamous soldier is standing in front of them. They were scared. Julianna didn't care about him. After all, she saw him as a mere decurion in her sister's army. She also didn't believe in Wolfgard's reports after a few arguments with Mezon. She stood up, still eating the chicken leg, and said,
"You don't need to shout. You can cause an avalanche" the smug on her face was visible from miles,
And yet, he didn't kill her. He started talking with her, "You caused it, did you?"
"The avalanche? Of course! Do you have any idea how easy it was? Did you see those idiots? I could sell them a fucking snow from their mountain!"
The rage was filling him, "What about Laura? How much did they pay you to screw your sister?"
"The safety of my family name. She was dragging it down. She was always etiquette, full of bruises, black eye, and a bloody nose. And now she is fighting a hopeless war. If we didn't stop her, the royal treasure would be empty at a minute's notice. And now, she is playing with peasants like you"
"Peasant? I'm Arms General's son of Eastern Basitin Kingdom"
The vixen's eyes perked up and stopped eating, "Oh, a nobility! I'm sorry sir..."
"Keith Keiser"
"Right. After rethinking the whole situation I think we can make a deal" and then, she threw the bitten chicken leg into the small metal container.
Keith saw that container. And then he recognized it. It was his helmet. The wolves dug out it from the snow in which he was buried.
That was the last straw.
"I hope Laura forgive me"
Julianna thinking that she convinced him raised a hand but he grabbed the sword and cut her arm. The Templar's sister screamed in pain. The attacker shouted,
"Now! Attack! KILL THEM ALL!!!"
The wolves rushed to put on armors and helmets. They were assured that the enemy won't kill them. Karma came and took their debt. The fury of foxes crushed them. They were like ferals but more ruthless. They killed for the sake of killing. No one was spared.
The vixen which was badly hurt tried to escape, but Flora was chasing her. She was getting closer to the prey. She jumped on her and shouted,
"I always wanted to do this!" and put two daggers into her: one in the stomach, second in the neck.
And so, Julianna Goldriver, the oldest member of the Goldriver dynasty, the woman whose lust for gold was the reason for the Scythemen Uprising, a proud traitor who only thought about herself died lying in the snow like she was trying to kill Laura. Oh, the irony.
After killing the last wolf in the black armor, Keith entered the main tent. It was full of gold trinkets.
"Of course," he thought. But there was one thing that stood out from the rest. In the middle of the tent was a mirror without any ornaments. When Keith approached it, the mirror flashes. It was a magical mirror. On the other side, someone opened the transition.
"Julianna! Julianna Goldriver! Are you there?!" the person in the mirror began to look like Keidran. A wolf, to be precise.
"She is...unavailable. And won't be ever" Keith said.
The blurry vanished. The Basitin could see that the wolf was a high-ranking officer who was rewarded with many medals. His fur was slightly grey. The mysterious Keidran asked,
"And you are?"
"Keith Keiser, the marshal of High Templar's army. The true one"
"I know you. Can I talk with someone, I don't know, important like Laura?"
"She's unavailable too. I call the shots now"
The old wolf smiled, "Well, I will be damned! That sassy bitch did something useful. She's much better than Elizabeth"
Keith knew where shut his mouth. He tricked him into believing that Laura is dead,
"May I know your name?"
"Of course! The Great General Mezon aep Kuller, the command of Wolgard's army and the king of Foxia"
"I thought that one of Laura's sisters has a title"
"Beatrice and I are married" he showed the gold ring on his finger,
"Anyway, it's nice to meet you. I thought that I meet you on the battlefield but you are nowhere to be seen"
"Typical sub-Keidran barbarian. In the civilized world, generals are commanding the armies, not playing in the mud" the sense of superiority was hearable in his voice.
"You said, you know me..." Basitin continued,
"Yes, I do. You're just a filthy exile, making your way to the homeland through my soldiers' corpses"
Keith smiled, "The only difference between you and me is that I don't make my roads through civilians"
"I really want to talk with you more but I have a war to win. I'll see you later, as my slave"
Keith smashed the mirror. Later he ordered people to loot the tents for everything and burn the bodies.
Mayor Ivan was furious. He wanted to kick the Keidran army out but the Taverdatter clan didn't allow him. In the end, some punishment was made. Only Keith was found guilty because he was a commander of the assault. He was forbidden to enter the capital of Humakan. The Basitin didn't mind. He revenged the fallen soldiers and killed Foxia traitor.
The soldiers went back to camp with bloody armors, sacks full of gold and silver, and high morale. Only Red was in bad mood.
"You know that you lost all favors you had got from clans, right?"
"If we can't get help by favors..." Keith turned to him, "...we buy help"
"Excuse me?"
"There must be some lost treasure in these mountains!"
"Well..." Red thought for a long moment, "The Ice Crown was Helsinki's main city. The monsters have been occupying it for years so we couldn't recollect their treasure"
When they were discussing, Mike shouted,
"Keith! Big news!"
"What is it?"
"Mary told me that Laura and Maeve are awake. They are in good shape. Laura wants to see you"
"Wonderfull! But wait. Who is 'Mary'?"
"That's Kat's middle name"
"Her middle name is 'Mary'?"
"I know, right?"
Keith rushed to The Templar. As he put his foot in the tent, Laura said to him,
"You and your soldiers left a bloody trail. Explain, now" Her voice was the horrifying,
The marshal couldn't move, because of fear and obeying nature. He was scared, yet his voice was loud and steady. He told her that he ordered the assault on Laura's sister, spoke with the Great General, and his punishment. The vixen grab him and put the knife to his neck,
"I don't know to put your insides on the outside or marry you" her gaze could kill anyone who made eye contact with her. She stopped scaring her marshal and sighed,
"Good to know that enemy thinks I'm dead. We can use it to our advantage. Julie was a bitch and traitor. She will be erased from my family name, the same penalty goes to Elizabeth and Beatrice"
"A-are you sure, your majesty?" Keith finally mumbled,
"I heard from you that she's just a pawn. Plus she was forced to be married to the Mezon"
Laura's ears lowered down and her face showed sadness, "I know... I know... I feel sorry about her but that's what happens when you are a traitor - No one respects you"
"Aaaanyway, how Maeve's doing?"
"Oh, she's in the tavern. Amazing, she only got a runny nose after this"
"Good to hear"
"Another question: How are we gonna get humans' help now?!"
"E-easy! Easy! Red told me about the treasure in the Ice Crown"
The Templar sighed once again, "Alright, get soldier ready to march"
"Yes, your highness!"
A few minutes later, the whole army started moving. Next destination - Ice Crown.
At first, the Ice Crown was only a mine. When it had become empty, the Helsinki clan renovated it to the grand city. The Ice Crown was the biggest jewel in the Humakan crown. But when Keidran arrived, they saw only ruins of the great city... and heard monsters eating unlucky travelers. Everyone was trembling. Even Laura.
Keith noticed how his liege was surrounded by fear, "No one's gonna said anything bad when you order a retreat"
"But they will think. And that's enough" she raised his sword and shouted as always, "Charge! Burn these fuckers!"
Soldiers rushed to the broken main gate. Their surprised attack destroyed monsters that were outside. The difficult task was dealing with the rest hiding in the buildings and finding the nest. They attacked the town hall, the biggest building in the ruined city. Even the biggest and oldest shielders fell under massive attack. Keidrans were attacked from every side but their shields were unbreakable. They pierce through monsters' defense. They reached the main hall. It looked like hell. The nest was made of corpses and rotten flesh. It was everywhere. Soldiers didn't need to hear an order. They lit torches and burned the most horrible things they saw.
When the nest was dying in the flame, Keidrans were looking for the treasure. Mike and his Scythemen found only human sceletons. Red had more luck.
"I found it! Ha ha! I found the Helsinki legacy!"
They ran to him and saw a giant room filled with chests. That was it. The human took the crowbar and opened the closest one. The enthusiast and joy disappeared when they notice content. Every chest was full of grey tokens with a square hole in the middle.
Laura asked, "What is it?"
Red was blushing from embarrassment. Eric explained, "It Humakan's internal currency. They're using these to buy additional food and alcohol"
Mike was curious about these tokens, "Can we exchange them for gold?"
The red-haired boy finally answered, "Yeah but the rate is super low. Mayor lowering the prices on purpose to discourage humans to leave the mountains"
Everyone was disappointed. Two hundred chests of tokens are equal to one month's wage for the whole army. But all of sudden, Maeve, still with a runny nose proposed something interesting,
"You said that we can buy food and alcohol, right? *sniff* How much?"
Red and Eric had been calculating for a half minute, "If we use every token, we'll have the biggest party since Ivan became a mayor"
Keith was the most calculated one, "You know that we're at war? Every coin should be-"
"Should be spent for the war effort, I know" Laura finished, "But sometimes you have to have a little fun"
The marshal tried to reply but Flora put her paw on his mouth and whispered to him, "This is our chance to regain clans' favors. Besides, don't tell me that you don't want to try human vodka. Plus, Laura tends to drink a lot and be more... friendly"
He blushed a little and nodded, "Everyone! We're taking those chests! We're going to make such a loud party that even Emperor Sythe will hear us!"
The scale of smiles and cheers can't be described. Foxes and tigers lifted have chests and marched while singing.
Someone pulled Keith's arm, again. It was Mike,
"Let's go somewhere more private"
When they looked around to see if they're alone, Basitin demanded an answer,
"What do you want?"
"It's about these corpses and sceletons. They have wounds from axes and hammers, something that monsters couldn't do. I asked Red if he knows anything about it but he was acting suspiciously
"Say no more"
They took the human and questioned him. He confessed very fast.
"*Sigh* I can't sweep this under the rug, can I?"
Keith and Mike were deadly serious which was surprising considering that they always were like water and fire, "Talk. Now"
"Helsinkis always treated us like shit, Taverndatterns had enough... t-this happened ten years ago... the most freezing winter in this century... Monsters were so hungry that they were scratching our city walls... almost every one of their warriors was dead due to defense of Shiny Crater, the rest hid in these buildings... s-so the previous clan leader order t-to... do it... they killed survivor from the Crater, locked the doors and windows... and b-burned the rest alive..."
"Impressing" Mike was slowly clapping, "There were no witnesses, you killed the whole clan including women and children"
Keith was about to make the second massacre that day, "And you made a fairy tale how they dig too deep"
"I-I tried to stop them b-but they didn't listen to me. I couldn't do anything"
"How about telling this to the mayor? He could make a just punishment"
"Just? You don't know Mayor, do you? He is the 'eye for eye' guy. If I told him about it, the Taverndatter would be erased from existence"
Marshal was thinking about what to do for a moment.
He finally decided,
"There's enough death. Plus, it was your clan who helped us when I killed the wolves. We'll make false pieces of evidence that Helsinki killed itself because of something deep in the mines. Got it?"
Fox and human nodded. Keith told Laura that he and his two "friends" will catch them later.
It took them three hours to make destroy evidence and create new ones. They returned to Templar's army relieved. But they got scared when they saw the vixen with the letter in her hand. She wasn't happy

To be continued...
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2022.01.17 21:54 MaddawgGaymer L4d is very guilty of this

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2022.01.17 21:54 1000000students @Potus - Great news, folks. A record 10 million people have enrolled in health care through http://HealthCare.gov since November 1st. This Saturday, January 15th, is the last day to sign up, so be sure to go to http://HealthCare.gov before midnight on the 15th and get covered.

@Potus - Great news, folks. A record 10 million people have enrolled in health care through http://HealthCare.gov since November 1st. This Saturday, January 15th, is the last day to sign up, so be sure to go to http://HealthCare.gov before midnight on the 15th and get covered. submitted by 1000000students to POTUSWatch [link] [comments]

2022.01.17 21:54 Samuneirutsuri Some flags I made for places in my world: lore in comments

Some flags I made for places in my world: lore in comments submitted by Samuneirutsuri to worldbuilding [link] [comments]

2022.01.17 21:54 taylorjran99 Sandover Village Ai Artwork

Sandover Village Ai Artwork submitted by taylorjran99 to jakanddaxter [link] [comments]

2022.01.17 21:54 nvkamp Need Stories for Potential Podcast.

Hey all, I am a Licensed Therapist in California. My colleague and I are starting a podcast and we need your stories (family/friends/relationships) and anything you would be looking for "advice" or "feedback" about . I use the term advice lightly. We want to give out honest take on people stories while also provide mental health education and tools. My hope is to create a podcast that is entertaining and helpful. Obviously, anonymity is very important in our field, so we would not use names. If you submit anything please don't add identifying info (change name, ages, locations) if you add any of that info.
Anything you submit here means you are agreeing we can use it online and for our podcast. We are not able to read all submissions, meaning your submission may not be viewed or used.
OUR GOAL is to focus on dating, relationships (family, friends, partners), and work/social conflicts.
Thank you in advance.
Disclaimer Below:
The stories you share and our responses online is not mental health treatment or meant to be a substitute for mental health treatment. You are not considered our clients if you share information and we are not your clinicians. If you are seeking therapy services for mental health needs please look for clinicians in your area (Psychology Today) is a helpful site. If you are experiencing a crisis please do not share online, but call emergency services.
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2022.01.17 21:54 Il-SlyFox-lI Anyone know where to buy rubber tires for customs at a decent price?

Ive seen a link in the comments here before but didn’t look. Any suggestions?
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2022.01.17 21:54 iccaecumsa ⭐ PrinceFloki | Just Launched | 7% $Floki rewards to holders | locked liquidity pool | 24/7 marketing | x1000Gem 🚀

PrinceFloki Rewards Contract

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Chart: https://charts.bogged.finance/?c=bsc&t=0x9278B4e4b62ddeC2419720F8C3731E70f27eB788
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2022.01.17 21:54 TonyChanYT What does it mean, to you, to be the bride of Christ?

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2022.01.17 21:54 bishop40404 Braava m6 Spray Jet

We've have a Braava m6 for about 2 years now, and the spray jet appeared to have clogged. Cleaned out the filter on the water inlet, no joy. Scraped some deposits off the sprayer head with a pin, and now it only sprays one stream straight ahead (not 2 streams left/right).
I'm looking for a replacement sprayer head, just the head itself. I'm comfortable enough to take apart the unit and swap it out.
Does anyone have an otherwise broken Braava m6 I could get the sprayer head from?
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